August 7, 2017

I hike alone. A lot. Because I just don’t have any friends locally who are able to hike the kind of miles I do. Or even willing to try. but I’m not lonely because my body talks to me all the time.

Take my recent training hike. I squirmed into my pack and cinched down the straps, and my body said, “Oof! What are you doing? I can’t carry this. Get it off me!”

I started down the trail and heard, “I feel weak. I’m getting shaky. Maybe we should go back.”

At two miles, “Hey, this feels familiar. Yeah, I remember doing this!”

At three miles, “Um, we’re not going to do this for six months again, are we? Oh, good. Just a month.”

At four miles, “Wait, what?! A month? In Vermont?! They have mountains there!”

At five miles, “No sweat, girl. We got this.”