What Is The Effect Of Pressure Cleaning

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What Is The Effect Of Pressure Cleaning

September 30, 2019 Home Improvements 0

A home is not just a home, it’s a heaven for you. Where you relax, eat, have fun with your friends and family and you want your home neat and clean for the sake of hygiene and the sense of relaxation and comfort. There are a lot of conventional methods for house cleaning. But with the development of housing structures and interior, the latest cleaning methods are required because modern problems need a modern solution. The conventional house cleaning methods were effective, no doubts but there are certain problems with it so, to overcome those problems pressure cleaning has been introduced. As the name implies a pressure washer uses the pressure of water stream for cleaning. 

Basic working principle of pressure cleaning:

There is a special machine used for pressure cleaning Camberwell which is called Pressure cleaner. There are two inlets for the washer, one is for water and the other for detergent. The washer mixes both that is; detergent and water and creates a high-pressure jet that can be adjusted by operator this jet pressure cleans the floor with even grease on it this is the latest technique that is being used all over the world to remove stubborn dirt agents. Although pressure varies from model to model the basic principle is same. There are basically following main components.

  • Main power source, it can be an electric motor or a gasoline engine (one of them can be used)
  • Pump 
  • High-pressure hose
  • Inlets for water and detergent 

The engine or motor powers the machine and the impeller sucks water and detergent to get it mixed sometimes washer heats the water to few degrees for better cleaning.


How pressure cleaning is better?

There are certain factors that make pressure washer the best option for house cleaning. The first one is the pressure used to clean any dirt agents like grease, mud, any Kind of gum, paint which can’t be removed by another cleaning method. There is another huge plus point of this method which is its diversity of usage. This method not only works on floors but also on windows grills, curtains, sofas and cars. These washers come with the range of five different spray wand sets, every spray wand is specific for its job. Like, the red one is zero degrees and produces carefully concentrated stream of water. The yellow one gives 15 degrees wide-angle for heavy-duty cleaning.25 degrees spray wand is used for general purpose cleaning. White spray wand with 40 degrees wide angle is used for light-duty cleaning. Every colour-coded spray wand has its own purpose according to the usage.

Things to be taken care of

  • Gasoline used in the engine should not contain more than 10% ethanol
  • Store gasoline in a sealed plastic container approved for fuel storage
  • If handled unprofessionally, the stream can damage surfaces so it’s better to be used by professional
  • All kinds of safety gears like gloves, safety goggles and earmuffs must be worn by the operator
  • The nozzle must be moved constantly so that the jet does not cut the surface.